Zertify Lifting Equipment Inspection Software

Companies from a variety of industries use our Lifting Equipment Inspection Software to obtain regulatory certificates for big site inspections or one-off inspection services. It is difficult to overlook the importance of ensuring that your company’s lifting equipment complies with the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER).

Zertify Lifting Inspection Software provides real-time Data Analysis and Monitoring to ensure workplace safety and operational success in the Oil and Gas industry. ZERTIFY simplifies the process of Testing, Inspection, and Certification of Lifting Equipment through periodic inspections (Bi-Annual Preventative Maintenance Inspections) and integrates into a system that provides real-time updates.

Because failure to provide safe lifting operations can result in injury or death, health and safety law lays a set of responsibilities on individuals who provide, control, and utilize lifting equipment to guarantee risks are appropriately managed. Zertify Lifting Equipment Inspection Software is now utilized by enterprises all over the world because of its capacity to monitor and implement all elements of the LOLER inspection and LEEA standards.

You can ensure timely delivery of your certification with Zertify Lifting Equipment Inspection Software, whether through an interactive portal or automated distribution through email. You may create your own apps to quickly and easily replace any paper checklist. You will be notified of important events, such as certification expiration, personnel training expiration, and other important actions.

Zertify- Lifting Equipment Inspection Software Supports

  • ZERTIFY – LIFTING equipment inspection software supports our customers to help them comply with their obligations under local regulations and international standards.
  • The Software can produce the Training and Certification of personnel who operate Lifting Equipment as part of their everyday role.
  • Zertify Lifting Inspection Software automatically schedules the next due date for each inspection.
  • Scheduling Feature allows you to notify your customers in advance of when the equipment needs to be inspected and certified.
  •  Easily monitor and implement all elements of the LOLER inspection and LEEA standards.

Forklift Inspection and Certification Software

Forklift inspection and certification is a vital process in companies that use these machines. Forklifts are construction machines that lift huge materials and loads that are too heavy for people to carry from one location to another. These machines raise them into containers, vehicles, or shelves with two fork pathways in the front, or take them from the shelf or trucks in the same way.

The most important parts of a forklift are the lifting gear and chain sling, which must be inspected regularly to maintain safety. It is a legal requirement under the relevant Occupational Health and Safety Law to conduct frequent checks for the possibility of an accident. The first thing to look for in the event of an accident is if the equipment has been checked regularly. This makes forklift inspection and certification an important process.

LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association)

The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) is the foremost trade association for all those working in the lifting sector all over the world. They strive for a lifting industry free of accidents, injuries, and fatalities. LEEA’s mission is to educate, influence, and allow the lifting industry to implement industry standards daily.

According to the LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association) rules, the individual conducting a complete evaluation of lifting equipment must have sufficient practical and theoretical knowledge and expertise with the equipment. The examiner must thoroughly inspect the equipment and identify any flaws or problems. It is also their responsibility to examine the level of safety and the circumstances in which the lifting equipment will be used again.

Zertify Lifting Equipment Inspection Software ensures that all LEEA standards are met at your business place.

LOLER Checks

In most businesses nowadays, health and safety laws are taken very seriously. Even in office-based jobs, frequent health and safety training is provided to avoid injuries and litigation. It is especially more important in industries where there is a larger danger of injury. This is where LOLER inspection and LOLER certificates enter the picture.

LOLER stands for Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (1998), and it applies to regular checks of lifting equipment and lifting operations for enterprises that use mechanical equipment in their manufacturing processes. It is not enough to presume that new equipment is fault-free; it must be thoroughly examined and validated before usage.

Even if it comes with a ten-year warranty and has only recently arrived from the factory, new equipment isn’t always devoid of flaws. This type of assumption can easily result in significant harm or death. LOLER testing ensures that both new and old equipment is in good working order and is safe to use. Regular inspections assess many aspects of equipment and, when possible, reduce dangers.

Because of the thorough checks carried out following LOLER and the procedures put in place following the inspection that is favourable to safe practices throughout hours of operation, having a LOLER inspection for your company considerably minimizes the risks of injury or death.

A colour-coded tagging system with QR codes can also be implemented by using Zertify Lifting Software. This tagging system is changed periodically according to the inspection regime. Zertify Lifting Equipment Inspection Software can help you with LOLER Inspections and help maintain a safe work environment.

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