QR Code, RFID Tags, Labels & Stickers Integration

Zertify Software can be effortlessly integrated with RFID tags, QR codes, Barcode tags, etc. RFID tags integration optimizes business processes and provides several new options to customers. Minimize the expenses of data collection, improve data accuracy, and automate processes. Our RFID tags integration service is helping companies all over the world to keep up with regulations and enhance the security and profitability of their business. Experience improved efficiency, easy access, high flexibility with our RFID tags integration.

Product Consulting

Our experts are specialized in understanding your operational challenges and provide customer-specific packages to increase Productivity and Reduce Operating Costs. In addition to continually improving our software product, to improve your business, we also help to customize the product within your organization. Our consultants typically assist with special modifications, reports, and integrations with other systems.

Professional Services

We deploy each client’s solution through rigorous, real-world testing to ensure that it’s prepared to deliver results. Our top priority during deployment is ensuring that your needs, expectations, and milestones are met. Our Professional Services team can train your employees to learn the product and take full advantage of the Testing, Inspection & Certification software solution. Unlock the potential of your business by getting the most out of our software product and we offer a wide range of training tools that will cover your needs.

Application Development

Application Services works at the intersection of cloud, mobility, and analytics to create simple, effective, and future-ready digital solutions. Our industry solutions, strategic relationships with technology vendors and indisputable global experience lets us do what is best for you: firmly plant your business into the future. We take care of anything from implementation, installation, customization, special reports production, training, support, and assistance.

Application On-Demand

Modernize Office and productivity infrastructure without any compromise. Spinnsol’s pay-as-you-go Application On-Demand Services help businesses reduce the total cost of ownership by launching, hosting and managing our industry-standard applications quickly, reliably and cost-effectively.

Support Services

Our Support Team (SLA – Service Line Agreement) will always be available to resolve your concerns, coach you through the platform’s functionality and keep things running smoothly. Our dedicated support team is available to answer any of your questions, customer support queries or concerns about the software product. Call us on +1 917 580 4083 or send us an email at [email protected]

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